Who’s behind Bozo?

The purse is up. The market is buzzing with Bozo. The bosses are benefiting a lot, right? Now the ball of the time is the arms industry, which is giving an up grade in Brazil. But optimism remains.

The working class and the country as a whole will lose much with this government. Pre-salt delivery auctions are just the beginning, the sale of Embraer, anyway. Fall in the minimum salary, attacks on civil servants at the same time as the military are protected, etc. The structure of abyssal social inequalities gains a little more nip with the Bolsonaro government.

Money in the worker’s pocket tends to be scarcer; the purchasing power will decrease, the indebtedness of families will continue to be hard reality. It’s amazing to say, but there are people even going hungry in Brazil. Too much unemployment, precarious work.

The labor reform resulted in a series of setbacks in the historical rights of the Brazilian working class. This is seen more and more helpless of social devices of inclusion. More than ever, Brazil is once again the backyard of the United States and the banana republic.

The post-crisis economic recovery is compromised. And even if the cake grew, it would not be divided. The money will be drained to the US. National sovereignty was already. Lucky for us if this government does not put us in another spiral of crises.

The summit of bolsonarismo is being forced by the reality to make digressions in its policies. There are many contradictions at play. There’s no way these guys can implement everything they want. But they will want to average with “moralistic” guidelines, they will bet on the right-wing populism that brought them to power. In all this they have glass ceiling. It is clear that they are also corrupt, who want to benefit personally from power, with what they called old politics, exchange-trades, sham movements, nepotism, in short, the whole range of frauds we are accustomed to. All this remains and even gets worse. What demoralizes and wears this government.

It is important to note who serves this clan embedded in power. It is not that they arrived there by coincidence of chance. The Bolsonaro government represents social classes, specific interests. It is the weight of the international crisis that causes imperialism and local elites to organize around an authoritarian right-wing political group, precisely to pass through legal channels the economic policy that interests them, namely to make Brazil an easy profit platform , overexploitation of the labor force, the paradise of the rentiers, the big corporations that will benefit from the privatizations.

Seeing in this policy the consummation of a cycle, the elite here associates as an opportunist and socio-subordinate element that never ceased to be. That is why the extensive chain of apaniguados in the parliament and the government, with ruralist, center, MDB, etc. counterparts. The social classes paid around the golpista spree.

As we said, this whole maracutaia is becoming visible. The tendency is the gradual dissolution of the social base around the bolsonarismo. They are too contradictory to administer. They’re already burning. Reasonable plots of the population are already beginning to realize electoral fraud and the imminent risks to the national economy.

The class struggle is getting fierce. The ones underneath will begin to move as life begins to get unbearable. The coming months will be intense and decisive.


For the Brazilian revolution and for socialism!

Mário Medina

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