Some things are not clear. It is unclear whether Globo resurrected investigative journalism or whether it is merely using its strong arguments to convince Bolsonaro that perhaps the wisest thing to do is continue to give him a black money in advertising.

It is also unclear whether what has been revealed is merely extortion of the salary of advisors, the prosaic Rachid, so common in the lower clergy, or if there are more serious things, such as involvement with organized crime, in particular the militias.

The indications of crime are very strong, but it does not seem that, as some think, the Government is already over in its beginning: there are many people willing to kill in the chest and the Globo itself can at any moment be satisfied.

Moreover, it is not to be overlooked that although many Bolsonaro voters cast their vote for rejection of the PT or the left and others were deluded that the country’s major problem was corruption, in recent years a right-wing project has been consolidated , who found his public expression in it, and hardly the jersey of the selection will be taken by things as unimportant as some millions that circulated in the accounts of the family: this is only a crime when it happens with the others.

Moreover, even if the hapless family is abandoned along the way, there is a military vice, surrounded by a military apparatus, with political capacity and thirst for power, which can perfectly present itself as a constitutional alternative, maintaining the cohesion of the conservative pole and, with more efficiency, giving a technical outline to a government started with the mark of improvisation and folklore.

In fact, it is a hypothesis with a better chance of success, given the perspective of a government in which bureaucratic rationality prevails, evidently based on a double authoritarianism: that of the Brazilian military tradition and what has been formulated as post-democracy, so well applied from Lava Jato and the coup that deposed the president-elect.

But if everything is still to come and the future is so uncertain, there are much more palpable things that already happen regardless of the apparent misrule.

The Shock Doctrine, well explained by Naomi Klein, is in full swing in our country. It is a voracious application of disaster capitalism, which goes into the field to attack traumatized societies, and therefore unable to resist the brutal structural changes in favor of the neoliberal project.

It is also unclear how much change will occur. Social security reform, for example, may face resistance in state ranks, especially the military that are now government, to the extent that they are called upon to participate in the losses.

Other things seem much easier because they do not find resistance in government. Thus, even if it is said that the military diverge from the ultraliberals by their more national and statist view, this does not seem to be enough to prevent the pre-salt or Embraer from continuing.

Worse is the situation of those sectors in which economic voracity and ideological rejection are combined. That is why there seems to be no obstacle to the abolition of the Labor Court or, on another level, to the delivery of the Amazon to mining and rural workers and to the evangelization, expulsion and murder of indigenous people.

The defense of the Amazon and the indigenous people, as well as the warning about global warming and a possible environmental disaster, are things of communist, and no one in the government is willing to put a brake on the savage offensive that is already happening, because in this are all according.

The millions of reais that passed through Flávio Bolsonaro’s account do not interfere with this. If they interfere, maybe it’s even to distract.

The Bolsonaro government may have started in crisis, but it has sufficient strength to allow this to happen, even because it will happen with its inertia, with the authorization already given in the campaign and now with the dismantling of policies and protective organs.

Hence, it is likely that when Brazilians awaken from the deep trance in which they fell, disaster capitalism has already done its work.

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